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19 Different Avatars of Rajesh dai

Rajesh Hamal aka Rajesh dai is a super actor of Nepal. He is often called as “Maha-Nayak” (Great Actor) for his contribution to Nepalese Cinema. He is considered a dominant figure in bringing professionalism in the Nepalese movie industry. Here are some funny images of him made by his fan’s from Nepal. We have collected such images just for fun purpose. Let’s check them out.

1. Rajesh dai in avatar of Lord Shiva

Rajesh dai Jokes

2. Rajesh dai in different currencies.

dolarma daiko photo_original

Rajesh dai superjokes



3. Avatar of Rajesh dai

Rajesh Dai Jokes



4. Rajesh dai in Laden’s look. 😛

Rajesh Dai super jokes



5. Rajesh dai at Britain!

Rajesh dai cool jokes



6. Arjun Vs Ra-One. Rajesh dai always wins the battle.

Rajesh dai cool jokes



7. Rajesh dai with his Fan from India

Rajesh dai picture jokes



8. Rajesh dai during his vacation.

Rajesh dai cool jokes



9. Rajesh dai taking a lead role in Titanic 2

Rajesh dai jokes


10. Rajesh dai showing his belt after defeating John Cena.

Rajesh dai super jokes


11. Rajesh dai – The Batman!

Rajesh dai picture jokes



12. Rajesh dai – The Superman!

Rajesh dai jokes



13. 80% people in the world pray Rajesh dai to achieve Success.

Rajesh dai jokes



14. Welcome Rajesh dai in The God Father II

Rajeshd dai jokes



15. Unity is Strength – The Rajesh Dai

Rajesh dai jokes



16. International Heroes of the Century.

Rajesh dai jokes


17. Hey Shankar hu Ma Shankar!

Rajesh dai jokes


18. Rajesh dai with his Fan from Hollywood

Rajesh dai jokes


19. And yes he is Rajesh dai we are talking about. A living Legend!

Rajesh Dai jokes


Hello Friends, we all know who Rajesh Hamal is. He is the one to bring a professionalism in Nepali Film Industry so lets respect him. All the pictures above are collected for fun purpose only. Different images are collected from different sources. Thank you for viewing our posts. Keep coming for upcoming Wonderful posts, we need your support. We are showing our efforts on all these contents only with a HOPE that you will support us. Please Like, Share and Keep coming back.

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To know more about this legend. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rajesh_Hamal