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31 Funny Sign Boards around the world

We all want to share with friends if we see something funny. Just like that, we want to share to you all  some of these insanely funny signboards from around the world.


1.Try it once and you’ll find out 😛 😛

2.LOL 😀 😀

3. Such sign board should be in Nepal 😉

4.Beware of dog but cat may attack you 😛

5.You better do that to keep silence 😀


7.No one once to see unless you are a …..  😀 😀


8.Worth it 😛

9. Call us from your phone!

10. Haha tasted like Chicken 😀 😀 😀

11. 😛 😛

12.You better use this board outside your bedroom 😀

13.Well, its a good way of regretting!

14.Credit only to people of 85 years with both parents 😛


15.Please be responsible guys 😀

16.It’s common in India 😛

17.TASTED not Tested. 😀

18.Killer Roads with 45 MPH

19.Solve & get the password

20.Thanks for not hitting the board


22.It means you should be Naked there lol 😛


23. Parking warning 😀



24. Entrance only but do not enter Hahaha

25. Interesting



26. SHIT Hostel 3 Star


27. Accident Porn Area 🙂




28. Wow life is important 🙂

29. Man piss outside 😀


30. $200  should be paid after you die 😀

31. Creativity 😀

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