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Bollywood Vs South Indian

We have often seen Bollywood films cloned from Hollywood and foreign movies. To learn from anybody else’s idea is a good thing, but copying almost every time is not always wise. Bollywood remains no pure from the act of archetype. In the latest, we have seen numerous Hindi version of South-Indian movies that have smashed and set records. Not necessarily, everything but the same storylines are  imprinted in the Bollywood version. The trend started from 1967’s ‘Ram aur Shyam’ which was copy of ‘Ramudu Bheemdu’(1964) and went on till the Singham, Wanted, Chennai Express, Kick and so on. With the renowned star cast and eloquent content, such replicas are often loved by the audience, commercially and critically. So what’s so much fascinating about South Indian movies that make tremendous business when forged in Bollywood.



  1. Analyzing story and robust direction

Only those stories with critically acclaimed status are often chosen to be remade in Hindi. The ability of a dynamic and visionary director is crucial for any blockbuster. More substantial and concrete a director can get with his imagination, often driven by the public preferences, more is the business for the film.


  1. Power of star cast

Not only do the acting abilities but also the popularity of stars acting in the Hindi version adds to the commercial side of the business. We have seen Super actors like Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and many more included in the Hindi version of popular South Indian movies. Also the involvement of the actresses effects the public preference to go for the movie or not.


  1. Spices and item numbers

Item song or so called raunchy dance number is a trend at the present. Every other movie has its marketing stratergies and creating buzz through an item song has been selling like a hot cake. Well, sometimes this works and merely fails. Nevertheless, these songs are always popular.


  1. Music

With a good movie, comes a good script and good music. South Indian movies copied in Hindi,with good story lines are often encrypted with pleasant and soulful music . This also adds to the hype and arouses public, adding to the business


  1. Involvement of cast from original version

Bollywood is lured to making remakes of Superhits and Blockbuster South-Indian movies. Often the same actors and actresses are taken in Hindi version or else guest appearances are done. This is expected to win the trust from public to some extent and also the copyright issues are eliminated.


  1. The trend of tribute to the South Indian legends

We have seen this strategy in the Chennai Express’ song “Thalaaiva” dedicated to the famous South-Indian actor Rajnikant. Several other remakes have adopted this strategy.  Strategies  that has  contributed to the publicity of the film.

The controversy also remains with all these copying and carboning, is whether the charm of Indian Cinema has come to a halt. The brainstorming ability to frame stories and scripts has been fading with this fashion of adopting story lines from other languages. We still need to see if this prevails or stops at some point.