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16 Difference in thought; Men Vs Women!

When we are child nothing matters us and we never notice the difference between girls or boys or anything rather we love to play, watch cartoon, eat ice cream and all we have in our mind is fun, fun and fun. But when we grow up we start to perceive some sorts of differences between men and women in-terms of thought, fashion, time and everything.  No one needs to explain any thing as picture speaks itself here. How do men and women reacts according to situation and how they think in a different way, lets check out some pictures with full of differences below:

 1. It’s how their fight ends.

Men Vs Women

2. Reaction when they wear same clothes.

Men Vs Women


3. Difference on Mind!

Men Vs Women


4. When its about Appearance

Men Vs Women

5. Men’s priority is friends and Women’s priority is off-course beauty.


6. What do they do while withdrawing a money from ATM?


7. Getting ready!


8. Party time!


9. Girls seems perfect to make excuse. This is how they prepare! 😉


10. Time spent


11. When its about packing for a Trip


12. Facebook notification after a week.

Men Vs Women


13. When it’s about hair cut!


14. When they check each other!

15. When they expect visit from opposite sex

16. When they are drunk

Hope you enjoyed the content and yes if you have some more differences between girls and boys please mention it below on the comment box.