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Check out the real fights between Bollywood Celebs in their real life

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• Shahrukh Khan vs Salman Khan

It was during Katrina Kaif’s birthday party in 2011 when the two powerful celebrities Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan clashed verbally . This fight made numerous headlines and Page 3 gossip, also soaring up the rumour of Bollywood being divided in two clans. But later on, they patched up at Baba Siddqui’s Eid Party. Better late than never.

• Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi

This fight gained peak buzz owing to the fact that this included love triangle :- Salman Khan, his ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai and Vivek Oberoi, whom Aishwarya  was dating at that moment. Though a history now, Vivek did try sending apologies but Salman is all about being a Dabanng!

• Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan

These two celebrities were quite fond of digging at each other, not hidden is the fact that only one can stand at the top. Aamir once named his dog “Shahrukh” and posted it in his blog. That was when the spicy gossip heated up.

• Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor

Once known to be the best of friends, they now have triffle of some sorts Relation grew pale when Priyanka started dating Kareena’s ex-boyfriend Shahid Kapoor. Since then, they never seemed to have good term.

• Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai

These two ladies, being the brand ambassador for Lo’real Paris got into cat fight when Aishwarya refused to walk the red carpet together with Sonam Kapoor. Following the tiff, Sonam called Ash an “aunty”.

• Shahrukh Khan and Shirish Kunder

Shahrukh Khan got into a brawl with his bff Farah Khan’s husband, Shirish Kunder at a party  The superstar of Bollywood got miffed when  Shirish described “Ra.One” as “a 150 crore firework fizzle” .

• Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma

These two actresses got into fight over a make-up man. They shared the same make up man and Anushka wanted to take him to London with her on the shoot. But Katrina wouldn’t  go easy and this invited a brawl.