You will never accept this ! Never ever…….

Human mind is powerhouse of creativity. Humans have always been through change and arrived all the way from stone age to present . Wisdom and change has driven humanity to accept and change what don’t please them. But one fact still remains that human beings don’t always admit the things they do. The fear of being a joke among their counterparts and anxiety of not being called a ‘decent’ as per society’s definition,, they hesitate to accept things. Below are some of the habits that everyone do but nobody is going to admit. Well, not that easily.


1.Stalk someone on facebook

This is a latest trend to fuel up the curiosity. Everyone who has a facebook has stalked profiles of one or the other. Oh boy! just stalking up a girl, not being able to speak your feelings to her, won’t get you her .


2.Freak out when someone doesn’t reply to your text.

The time span between sending  a text and receiving a reply is the period of assumptions and anxieties. People go haywire inside their heads making cocky stories as why didn’t the receiver send a reply.


3.Look at the poop in the toilet, before flushing it

This surely made you smile. Well ! Every morning story it is…..People check out their poops just to know whether they are healthy depending on the color of their stools….. LOL


4.Read a text, imagine a reply and hours later,realize you never replied

Imagination takes you where you want to be. This thing is quite common when you are occupied with something else in your head.


5.Picture yourself performing on a stage while listening to songs

You feel no less than a rock star while performing on a song behind those closed doors. Taking books as your microphone,tapping and jumping to the tune is quite fun yeah !


6.Sniff finger after putting it somewhere bad

Just to check if it really smells that bad !


7.Fart in open air,when nobody is around

You’ve surely done that, don’t you?


8.Cup your hand against your chest in the shower,fill the cup and take your hands out.

Everybody’s childhood tale this is, while they just start to bath themselves.


9.Have imaginary conversation inside your head

One intelligent friend a man has for him is himself. This happens during  problems, decision making,happy hours,hurtful moments or when you’re alone.


10.Put up something on social media and delete it later, just because you got no likes

Oh lady ! Getting your picture down from Facebook just because of ‘no likes’ make you look like a hoe, not a heroine.


11.Pee in the shower

Even if you went to the loo just before the shower.


12.Armpit sniffing

Just to know the level of your neatness and to decide if you really need a bath ! LOL