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7 Most amazing and dangerous sports that you must know


1. Scuba Diving

This wonderful sport is all about deep water dive into corals, across beautiful fishes and caves. It is all about peace and tranquility, forgetting the real world and diving into the beautiful wonderland with a self-contained breathing apparatus for breathing and fins to propel the movement. One doesn’t really need to be a swimmer, but better to take  precaution.

2. Kayaking

For the water lovers out there, this sport is definitely about thrill and adrenaline rush. All about paddling, it’s a boat where you sit and paddle all along water current, narrow rivers and the waterfalls letting the adrenaline junkie inside you come out.

3. Dirt Biking

This is one of the most fascinating yet dangerous sports where one needs to be well trained to try it. It’s a physical challenge only to accept when you totally master the machine. Built light weight, powerful and nimble, the rugged bikes helps us to explore the high ridges, terrains and hills. With the presence of suspension forks and real shocks, the hurdles and obstacles can be passed easily.

4. Bungee

One of the wish in adventurer’s bucket list, this bring the real adrenaline rush when you jump from the cliff, experiencing free fall for some minutes and rebounding through the height. When you fall with the cord,you feel unattended for a while then the cord recoils and you oscillate until the energy dissipates.

5. Ice skiing

This sport has gained popularity over the years and is one of the most exciting adventures in the world. You have to slide over the ice wearing skiing boots and long runner. To jump from top of the snow,sliding over the ice is one enticing experience.

6. Zorbing

This is a fun sport without any safety doubts. You need to get inside the inflatable fall and the ball bounces, you rolling inside the ball. It is made up of shock absorbent material that protects you from danger of any sort.

7. Surfing
All you need to do is put on your swimsuit, take out your surf board and go into the waves and water currents. But remember, to get some training first. This adventure is for the water lovers who love to sway along with the water waves.