Vintage advertisement of Coke – 19th century

Coca-cola is one beverage that has dominated the soft-drink market with consumers downing about 1.8 billion company beverage serving each day. Popular among any age group, Coke has always been major preference as side drink. Invented in 19th century by John Pemberton, coke has reached its dominance in the market due to marketing tactics of Asa Griggs Candler.  We have seen the coke advertisements showcasing renowned faces over the time. We have some vintage coke ads from the past here-


1.Gift strategy-luring the customer

2.Contrast between new and vintage

3.It’s a family affair !

4.Thirst stops here…

5.Coke is the charger !


6.You can never disagree to this.

7.That’s how you approach a girl 😉

8.Guest’s delight !

9.It’s coke-talk.

10.Refreshment means coke.

How good are these ads? Do let us know your verdict !