Vintage Ashtray Collection

Smokers out there, look at these cool and funky ash trays that are ort of statements even for your interior . And yes ! this makes a good gift too as Christmas is near.


1.Raw beauty !

2.Why not go for this hat?


3.Simplicity !

4.This cigar for the christmas ! Gift it to your adorables.


5.This one will definately make your table look good.

6.Red means passion 😉

7.Wanna find a key to this lock?

8.Hahaha ! for the loo fanatics 😛

9.This for the fierce ones !

10.Fill it in boy !

11. Too sexy to handle…This is just an ashtray though.

Which one did you like most? Do let us know !
P.S- We don’t encourage smoking.